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 aims and scope​

Within the field of social sciences, with an international projection and covering comparative and interdisciplinary law, the Revista Derecho Social y Empresa, is a technical-scientific publication, in the field of Labor Law and Social Security, whose main objective is to publish at national and international level, the debates on the regulation and organization of work in the companies and in the society, as well as the systems of industrial relations and the employment policies. The content of the Revista is aimed primarily at Academics of Labor Law, Human Resources Technicians, Law Professionals, Trade Unions and Business Associations.

The Revista Derecho Social y Empresa publish two issues per year that include academic articles (Studies) with an eminently legal focus.

The Revista has a Scientific Committee and an Editorial Committee, which bring together prestigious jurists, academics and professionals, mainly from the European region (Spain, France, Italy and Germany) and also from the United States of America.

The Revista, whose publishing entity is Dykinson, has a main sponsor named Sagardoy Abogados, through its Study Center.

Anyone with an interest in the world of research and teaching in this field can submit original and unpublished studies that have not been sent to other journals. The Editorial Board will carry out a first editorial revision of the articles received in order to assess compliance with minimum quality standards, which will subsequently be subject to peer review.

Only the authors are responsible for the opinions expressed in the articles.

For any collaboration proposal, follow the publishing instructions.

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