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Peer reviewing process 


The acceptance of studies will be subjected to peer revision. The reception of an original, to be included in the study section, does not anticipate the acceptance of the publication. Originals are, in first instance, read by the Editorial Department Board to esteem if the papers accomplish the formal requirements, as a minimum scientific content and an adaptation to the Journal´s editorial lines and objectives.
When the minimum is accomplished, following the procedure of any academic journals, articles will be subdued to judgement of two or more external specialists who the Revista Derecho Social y Empresa will ask for collaboration.
The judgement from the evaluators will be anonymous and could recommend the author to introduce certain modifications. In the case both reviews received of an original are contradictory, a third external specialist will be asked for collaboration. Authors whose articles have obtained a positive review but with correction suggestions, will resend the article, with the corrections fulfilled, in a due date of 15 days. In the case of significative modifications, the article will be evaluated once more by the external specialists and a member of the Editorial Department Board, before its supposed publishing. If necessary, the non–acceptance of a paper will be communicated to its author without the Revista Derecho Social y Empresa having the obligation, due to confidentiality reasons, to give acknowledgement of the negative judgement of the article.
The journal commits to communicate the authors the positive or negative resolution for the publishing of the originals in the due date of 2 months from the reception. 

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